Top 10 Bicycle brands in the world

We can find many brands and models in the market and the bicycles are available in all price range from the cheapest to expensive for all the classes, the bicycles are designed keeping in mind the style, fashion and adorability check details about top brands here.

In today’s world, we can see that Bicycles are one of the most used means of transport. It was also being marked in 2020-2021 that the sales of bicycles increased as the COVID-19 made people realize the importance of exercise. Bicycles are cheaper than any other vehicles and thus is used by all the sector of society, for different works.

We can find many brands and models in the market and the bicycles are available in all price range from the cheapest to expensive for all the classes, the bicycles are designed keeping in mind the style, fashion, and adorability.

Here is the list of Top 10 bicycles brands in the world:-

  • Giant:-
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Giant Bicycles is the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer and holds the top position. Giant is a common brand along with the high demand in all markets of the world. In 1972, King Liu and several friends established the Giant at Dajia, Taichung County in Taiwan. The Bicycles is being sold in more than 50 countries and has more than 12,000 retail stores across the world, along with the revenue of US$1.9 billion the total annual sale was marked as 6.6 million. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for the Giant has increased and thus the company is planning to build a new large plant. Giant as different kinds of bicycles for its users such as on Road, X-Road, Off-Road, E-bikes, and Youth with great designs and dual suspensions.

  • GT Bikes:-
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Richard Long and Gart Tumer founded the GT bikes in the year 1972, which has an impressive force in the industry. The GT bikes are famous for manufacturing four types of bikes that are, road bikes, BMX bikes, and mountain bikes. With its “triple triangle” design the GT bike has won a commission to manufacture a $30,000 carbon fibre “Superbike”.


  • Santa Cruz:-
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Santa Cruz is among one of the famous bicycles in the world, it was being founded in 1993 by Rob Roskopp, Mike Marquez, and Rich Novak. It manufactures high-end mountains bikes and is located in Santa Cruz, California. The first bike that was being launched by Santa Cruz was in 1994 called Tazmon which has for the first time in the market with 80 millimetres (3.1 in) travel single pivot design. A dozen models for bikes are being manufactured by the company including the mountains bikes made of carbon fibre and aluminium.

  • Trek:-
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Trek bicycle is famous for its durability and was founded in 1976, which has its headquarter in Waterloo, Wisconsin, and are market in 1,700 independently owned bicycle shops across the world with its distributors in 90 countries. Trek bicycles are generally manufactured outside the US in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Taiwan, and China. Trek bikes include bikes that are economically priced and are made of steel which can be easily obtained and recycle.

  • Specialized:-
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According to the brand name, the bicycles are also specially designed as well as the premium and professional-oriented S-works. In 1974 the company was founded by Mike Sinyard, who was a cycling enthusiast, Mike sold his Volkswagen Bus for $1,500 to fund a cycle tour of Europe. the first two bikes were introduced by the company in the year 1981, a sport-touring design named the Sequoia, and a road bike the Allez. The Stumpjumper was also being introduced in the year 1981 which was the first mountain bike in the world.

  • Cannondale:-
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Joe Montgomery and Murdock MacGregor founded the company Cannondale in 1971. The company manufactures high-end bicycles and uses materials such as steel or titanium. Crankset a bicycle that uses externally mounted bottom bracket bearings was the first to be produced by Cannondale but unfortunately, they stopped manufacturing it and now it could be seen in all mid-level and higher bicycles that have external bearings. Targeting the Asian market the company has recently established a bike brand and a plant in Taiwan.

  • Marin Cycles:-
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Marin bicycle was founded in 1986 in  Marin County, California and about 68 bicycles are named on the location in and around Marin County. It is famous for its mountains bikes but also offers bikes like road, street/urban, comfort, and specific designs for women & children.

  •  Yeti Cycles:-
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Yeti Cycles was founded in 1385 by John Parker and is located in Golden Colorado. At the time when mountain biking was gaining in popularity, the American bicycle came into existence. Recently Yeti has introduced a new design named Switch Technology which is basically a dual-link design that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel. The company has a completely different design for its mountain bikes as compared with other companies.


  • Kona Bicycles:-
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Kona Bicycles was founded in 1988 by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron in Vancouver, BC, and is based in the Pacific Northwest. Kona became the first company to produce a complete range of sloping top tube design mountain bike frames along with road, commuter, cyclo-cross which include materials such as carbon fibre, titanium, aluminium, and steel, and are being sold in 60 countries across the world. The company has also donated 1,000 Africabikes for the project and as it was being supported by the customer the company also formed a non-profit/humanitarian organization in Geneva, Switzerland which is known as Kona Basic Needs.

  •  Merida Bikes:-


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Merida was founded in 1972 by Ike Tseng and is based in Taiwan with its headquarters in Germany. The bicycles that are being designed and manufactured are marketed across 77 countries in the world with over 2 million manufacturing bicycles a year at its factories in Taiwan, China, and Germany. Michael Tseng became the president of the company after the death of his founder and father Tseng. With premium prices, stylish designs, and convenience the Merida bikes could be seen as famous worldwide.

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