Assam mechanic converts Maruti Suzuki Swift into Lamborghini, Check out

It took nearly eight months and a little over ₹6 lakh to develop the old Maruti Suzuki Swift into a replica of Lamborghini, Nurul Haque said.

It’s quite a dream come true for 31-year-old Nurul Haque, a motor mechanic who belongs from the remote district of Karimganj in Assam. With his hard work and passion, the motor mechanic has modified his old Maruti Suzuki Swift into a replica of the famous Italian sports car ‘Lamborghini’.

“It took nearly eight months and a little over 6 lakh to develop it,” said Nurul Haque, who runs a garage in the Bhanga Bazaar area of the district.

Nurul learned the art of repairing cars from his father who was also a car mechanic. They had a garage in the Dimapur town, Nagaland, where they lived for about 20 years

Nurul while speaking to Hindustan Times said that he is a fan of the Fast & Furious movies, and he always wanted to drive sports cars such as Ferrari or Lamborghini. Last year’s lockdown forced him to sit at home with no work. That’s when he started toying with the idea of building his own Lamborghini replica. He said that he started to build the parts of the replica of Lamborghini by watching YouTube videos after buying a second-hand Maruti Swift.

“But I didn’t realise that it would be a costly affair. From buying the engine and the raw material to giving it the final shape, the total expenditure was around 620,000. I am not sure if even developing such a replica is legal. I want to drive the car across the state and I hope the police won’t arrest me and seize my car,” Nurul said.

He said that he is willing to sell the car, but only to someone equally passionate about it.“I am willing to sell this car but it has to be someone who understands the value of this model. Only a sports enthusiast can relate to my passion,” he said.

Next on his wish list is a ‘Ferrari’. He said, “I am planning to make a customised replica of Ferrari soon. But it all depends on my Lamborghini experience. If the local administration permits me to ride this car, I am going to make more of these models,” Nurul said while speaking to Hindustan Times.

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