30% of the cars sold in Liuzhou last year were electric: Here is what they did

Liuzhou took the following steps in order to get people to embrace EVs.


The southern Chinese city of Liuzhou is peaceful and free from the noise of throbbing engines and clashing gears that provides the backdrop to daily life in most metropolises around the globe.

The reason behind this is the insanely high sale of electric cars in Liuzhou. According to WAYS Information Technology, almost 30% of the cars that were sold last year were were electric. In addition to that, Liuzhou’s air and water quality also remains among the best.

This green dividend to make Liuzhou an EV manufacturing hub is an unexpected bonus of a push by city authorities. Range, reliability and battery safety that have held back electric car take-up globally, are the concerns they are trying to overcome.

Local carmaker SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co. also offered a number of incentives such as extensive test drives, free parking and tens of thousands of charge points. They did this to promote people to buy electric cars. Their cars had been China’s top seller for most of the past nine month.

It as a concrete attempt to be an example to other cities around the globe trying to pursue them to give up their gas guzzlers and buy electric cars.

The government also created 15,000 additional parking spots around the city for mini cars which can be found everywhere in Liuzhou. They are small and therefore, can fit on previously unusable tracts of land, such as the sidewalk verge.